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Accor announces co-founding of ‘Hospitality Alliance for Responsible Procurement’ alongside global hotel & procurement groups

Accor is proud to announce its co-founding of the “Hospitality Alliance for Responsible Procurement” (HARP), in partnership with four global hotel groups – Hilton, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International, Radisson Hotel Group, alongside two global hospitality group purchasing organizations – Avendra and Entegra, and sustainability rating agency EcoVadis. This alliance aligns with Accor’s pioneering work and commitment to sustainable procurement, critical to achieving our scope 3 carbon emissions reduction targets. Cooperating and innovating jointly with our peers will provide the tangible tools needed to meet our environmental and social objectives.

A major part of hospitality’s environmental, social and governance footprint lies with its suppliers. As the primary interface with supply chains, procurement functions and organizations have a decisive role to play in shaping more sustainable practices. HARP was created as a new way of measuring and improving supply chain sustainability performance, using EcoVadis’ sustainability rating data pools to create shared evaluation methodologies, empowering the companies involved to interact with their key suppliers, and facilitating the exchange of game-changing expertise to accelerate a unified drive towards best practices. 

Accor, through Astore, its international procurement organization specialized for all operational needs of hospitality industry, identified early the power of procurement to bridge the gap between sustainability vision and action, with this business function key to leading the sustainability efforts of suppliers across processes and solutions. This realization has seen Astore operate at the leading edge of sustainable procurement for several years now.

The Group, via Astore, employs strict processes to ensure rigorous selection of suppliers who are increasingly responsible and comply with the requirements of the responsible procurement charter, a contractual prerequisite since 2017 and regularly updated to be in line with new regulations and the Group’s commitments. Based on a supplier risk mapping on social, environmental, and ethical criteria, compliance with the responsible procurement charter by nominated suppliers is implemented through a robust control plan. Beyond the verification of contractual obligations, this control plan measures the sustainability performance of nominated suppliers based on increasingly demanding expectations.

This ensures the minimization of supply chain risks and sustainability innovation in areas such as net-zero, human rights, diversity, etc. 

Accor procurement also plays a major role in most of the Group’s sustainability commitments. To achieve Accor’s goal of eradicating single-use plastic products in the guest experience, procurement teams have implemented global and local sourcing of zero plastic alternatives, encouraging suppliers to transition and innovate. Accor has also reaffirmed its commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050 by signing several initiatives (e.g. SBTi, UNTWO). These initiatives aim to redefine its carbon trajectory to align it with the targets on limiting global warming set by the Paris Agreement. Including, an ambitious emission reduction target of -46% of absolute emissions on scope 1 & 2 and -28% of absolute emissions on scope 3 by 2030 (compared to the 2019 base year).

Accor has also joined the “Business Ambition for 1.5°C” program, making Accor the first international hotel group to make a long-term commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. As part of Accor’s commitment to reach net-zero carbon by 2050, procurement has sourced green energy and energy savings solutions for both hotels and corporate headquarters – our Paris Corporate HQ is now 100% renewable energy-supplied.

Procurement has also played a key role in responsible F&B sourcing in line with the Group’s Sustainable Food Charter commitments, for example increasing local and seasonal sourcing, organic products, and preferring suppliers with responsible fishing, responsible coffee & tea, and animal welfare practices. This enables Accor to align itself with the highest industry standards in sustainability while creating value for hotel owners and guests.

HARP will accelerate the raising of hospitality suppliers’ accountability and sustainability levels, as well as furthering Accor’s ambitions to assist suppliers in industry wide efforts to address crucial elements of the sustainability challenge.

Caroline Tissot, Group Chief Procurement Officer at Accor: “Innovative and solution-based initiatives that focus on core business activities are crucial to realizing the hospitality industry’s vision for a sustainable future. This collaboration marks a crucial next step which Accor is very proud to be a part of, we are excited to be leading creative efforts alongside major hotel and procurement groups. The collaboration will no doubt deliver unmatched value to not only our suppliers but also our guests, as we continue to push for positive impact.”