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Benvenuti A Casa Monti, Rome

A beautifully designed boutique hotel in one of Rome’s most characterful local neighbourhoods opening spring 2024

The family-owned Leitmotiv group – proud owners of Cœur de Megève in the French Alps and recently opened La Fantaisie in Paris – has officially announced the opening of its third hotel, and first Italian property, Casa Monti in Rome. Opening in Spring 2024, the hotel will symbolise a celebration of creativity that embraces the art of la dolce vita in the Italian capital.


Located near the Pantheon to the east of Rome’s central Forum, is Monti, the city’s first rione and historic creative district. Over the years, the neighbourhood has become a haven for up-and-coming artisans, with many restaurants, grocery shops, art galleries and wine bars opening around Via Panisperna and Piazza della Madonna dei Monti. Monti is one of few remaining hidden gems that feels far away from the noisy and overly touristic areas of the city, yet close to all the key sights in Rome. Simply put, it is the most charming Roman neighbourhood. Embracing the surrounding city, Casa Monti exudes a charismatic, Roman personality throughout every corner of the hotel. The historic address showcases an artistic 18th century façade and is a listed building – serving as a reminder that the property once belonged to nobility in the ancient city. This grand, artistic abode boasts multiple spaces to accommodate the ebb and flow of both locals and seasoned tourists alike, whether convening for a drink in the indoor courtyard, immersing oneself in the vibrant local colours in the sidewalk café, or savouring coffee and lunch in the refined trattoria, renowned for its traditional family-style cuisine.

Statement design

The hotel’s 26 rooms and 10 suites are steeped in artistic influence, emulating the craftmanship of the Monti district and the iconic dolce vita. Upon entry, guests are greeted by a charming fresco – an ode to nature inviting one into the warmth of the hotel and through the six floors. Outside, rows of small independent shops and art galleries line the gently sloping streets, mirroring the hotel’s commitment to artistry through its display of impressive antiques, Italian craftsmanship, and commissioned artworks. Every detail has been meticulously chosen to highlight the creativity of the district and immerse visitors into the whirlwind of an artist’s life. The rich and diverse local culture is reflected in the interiors of Casa Monti: elaboratively crafted materials, precisely calibrated shades, and bespoke prints evoke an enchanting, carefree Italian spirit. Interior Designer, Laura Gonzalez, is best known for creating bold interiors without compromising on the spirit of the place. When designing the hotel, Gonzalez was inspired by the Italian notion of sprezzatura – the feeling of relaxed ease and effortless elegance. Imbued with her trademark colourful style, the interiors feel personal and carefully composed, yet never contrived.

Gonzalez comments: “Romans cultivate their interiors, they create meticulous universes, layering on creative references. That is how I envisaged Casa Monti, imbued with an intimate atmosphere like a Roman home; open onto neighbourhood life, it invites Romans to step inside and enjoy. Starting in the lobby, the frescoes – a blend of drawings and paintings in various shades of green – were created by artists and painters in a Milanese style decor. They drew inspiration from the ubiquitous umbrella pines and clouds of swallows that rise up above the city; then, each floor tells its own allegory featuring birds, symbolising liberty. Rome is also a boundless source of architectural references that informed and inspired my designs for the frescoes in the spa.”

A feast for the senses

The restaurant is built against the historic façade and opens onto a terrace before extending indoors. There, it sits alongside a lively patio with a fountain and a few tables where one can sample the iconic Italian trattoria tradition, with a contemporary twist. Further back, a bar-café welcomes guests into a creative space filled with a neutral blend of browns and creams, complemented by a travertine tile floor in an embellished Italian grid pattern. Moving upstairs, one can reach the rooftop terrace to sip cocktails beneath the sun’s golden glow. The chic rooftop bar will specialise in delectable cocktails and is aptly decorated in shades of sky blue, providing a unique vantage point with stunning views of the surrounding parks and quintessential pine trees in the city.

And, relax…

Casa Monti will be home to a spa situated two floors below the rooftop. Bathed in the golden light that is characteristic of Rome, the Susanne Kaufmann spa will offer the rare privilege of an expansive panorama of the capital. More details to be revealed.