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Legendary Designer Jean-Michel Gathy elevates luxury with astonishing design innovations at One&Only One Za’abeel

Redefining the ultra-luxury stay experience in Dubai’s hospitality landscape

Jean-Michel Gathy, the legendary architect behind some of the world’s most iconic luxury hotel and resort designs, has returned to showcase his exceptional talent at One&Only One Za’abeel. With his astonishing design innovations, Jean Michel Gathy has taken the hotel’s luxury to the next level, creating an urban contemporary masterpiece that harmonizes with its desert surroundings and makes a bold visual statement. 

Inspired by the beauty of the desert landscape, One&Only One Za’abeel boasts an urban contemporary style that seamlessly blends with the overall interior scheme, enhancing the sense of place. Jean Michel’s meticulous approach can be witnessed in every area of the hotel, where each space reflects its respective interior theme.

“Designing One&Only One Za’abeel was an exhilarating journey and I’m overwhelmed to participate in this project. We aimed to capture the essence of Dubai’s dynamic spirit while paying homage to its rich cultural heritage and features. Every detail takes its cues from the Za’abeel location, hoping to transport guests to a realm of luxury and beauty where visitors could feel at home.” shares Jean-Michel Gathy.

Harmonious Design: Balancing Elegance and Simplicity

Embracing a palette of black, white, and neutral tones, the overall design scheme exudes a sense of balance and harmony. With an emphasis on simplicity, the design showcases uncluttered aesthetics, creating a visually soothing atmosphere while maintaining a captivating allure. The addition of opulent blue, carefully selected as an accent colour, draws inspiration from the calmness, stability, confidence, and strength associated with the sky. This captivating hue is tastefully incorporated into the design through elements such as rugs, throw cushions, and display items, adding an elegant touch and enhancing the overall ambience.

One&Only One Za’abeel upholds the highest standards of quality, refinement, superior craftsmanship, and exclusivity in every aspect of its design and selection. From the meticulously chosen furniture to the carefully selected rugs and lighting, each element reflects and embodies the essence of the brand throughout the entire hotel. Crystal decorative lights symbolizing wealth, purity, and success are thoughtfully integrated into the lift lobby, ballrooms, and lounge, further enhancing the grandeur of these spaces.

A Mesmerizing Oasis of Elegance for The Arrival of Guests

Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by a striking roof that beautifully replicates the undulating dunes and mesmerizing contours of the desert, immersing them in an authentic sense of location. This undulating design softens the angular structure of the building, crafting a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere. The oasis-like ambience beckons guests to escape, unwind, and indulge in pure relaxation.

The dune-inspired design seamlessly extends into the lobby, blending the vibrant essence of the desert with the hotel’s contemporary urban setting. Geometric patterns infused with local elements adorn the doors, screens, flooring, and rugs, adding texture and an air of opulence. The interior ambience exudes a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, perfectly aligned with the hotel’s urban city location.

Unparalleled Accommodations in Dubai

Boasting a meticulously designed selection of 229 rooms and suites, One&Only One Za’abeel proudly showcases Dubai’s dynamic skyline. The expert use of floor-to-ceiling windows treats guests to breathtaking vistas that perfectly encapsulate the city’s captivating allure. Seamlessly blending glamour, vitality, individuality, fascination, vibrancy, liveliness, spaciousness, and privacy, the design concept creates an unrivalled ambience within the vibrant epicentre of Dubai.

Crafted by Jean-Michel Gathy, the resort prioritizes space and seclusion, offering luxurious home-from-home comfort with spacious living spaces and spa-like bathrooms that encourage guests to relax, recalibrate, and reconnect. From the design of the rooms to the indulgent suites, these accommodations deliver an unparalleled experience of luxury and comfort.

Inviting Spaces and Unforgettable Dining Experience at The Link

The Link is dramatically perched between One Za’abeel’s dual towers and characterized by metal structures and hard surfaces. Through a strategic approach that employs layered white curtains at varying heights, this space has been masterfully transformed into an inviting and captivating environment. This design approach not only softens the area and creates a human scale but also enhances comfort and adds a touch of theatricality, immersing guests in an unforgettable dining experience.

Spanning approximately 1,500 square meters, the all-day dining restaurant presents a unique space that required careful consideration. Jean Michel Gathy has thoughtfully created various seating arrangements to cater to this expansive area. Split levels, screening, seating clusters, banquette seats, and distinctive lighting have been incorporated to provide guests with diverse and engaging dining experiences. The restaurant exudes a sleek and chic ambience, with sophisticated décor that subtly combines elegance and modernity. The careful selection of colours, patterns, and textures further enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and ensures a comfortable atmosphere for guests.

Thoughtful Design for Intimate Gatherings

The executive lounge and reception area on the 53rd floor offer a refined setting for guests, featuring coffee and cocktail bars, dining areas, lounging spaces, and a private dining room. The layout is carefully designed to foster intimacy, accommodating smaller groups of guests for casual discussions, private launches, and meetings. The colour scheme creates a mature and opulent ambience, with accent touches of emerald, green, gold, and brass incorporated to evoke elements of modern classics that exude stability, power, and confidence.

Jean-Michel Gathy’s design for One&Only One Za’abeel has truly elevated the hotel’s design and architectural prowess, solidifying its position as an unparalleled luxury destination in Dubai. With his visionary approach and meticulous attention to detail, Jean Michel Gathy has seamlessly integrated the surrounding desert landscape and created a mesmerizing oasis of elegance and opulence.