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The Bellagio, Las Vegas unveils new Spa Tower Suites

The Bellagio is a mesmerising embodiment of the transformative quality that Las Vegas offers to its visitors. It has the power to transport us to a different place and time, away from the ordinary. Champalimaud Design, known for their exceptional talent in creating luxurious spaces, was entrusted with the task of renovating the Spa Tower Suites at the Bellagio. Their goal was to infuse a residential aesthetic into the suites while maintaining the timeless elegance that is synonymous with the property.

To achieve this, Champalimaud Design drew inspiration from the captivating colours of Lake Como’s surrounding flora and the classical style of the building’s architecture. The result is a collection of Spa Tower Suites that exude a relaxed and residential ambiance, enhanced by a subtle play of colours. Guests are enveloped in a palette of neutral hues, punctuated by custom furnishings and accent pieces that pay homage to the past and present of Northern Italy.

Every detail has been carefully considered to create an atmosphere of bespoke sophistication. From folding screens adorned with moody landscapes to works of plaster bas relief and wallcoverings inspired by traditional Italian craft paper, each element adds a touch of refined elegance to the space.

Champalimaud Design carefully selected a range of colours to evoke the essence of the Mediterranean region. The colour garnet, symbolising the pomegranate found in the Mediterranean, creates a rich and warm atmosphere. An azure blue, inspired by the lakes, brings a sense of tranquillity to the suites. A dusty rose and jade hue reflect the colours of the flora and fauna in the region. Finally, the pale beige walls transport guests to the charming villages of northern Italy.

Even the hallways outside the suites have been meticulously designed to create a rich contrast. Deep midnight blue doors, complemented by handmade Italian light fixtures, provide a striking visual experience as guests transition between spaces.

Winston Kong, Partner at Champalimaud Design, explains the inspiration behind the project: “We wanted to create a residential aesthetic with the timeless sense of luxury that is uniquely Bellagio. We found inspiration in the colours of Lake Como’s surrounding flora and the classical style of the building’s architecture.”

To further enhance the experience, an art selection featuring abstract expressionist paintings has been carefully curated. This infusion of contemporary art adds a fresh and modern edge to the new spaces, creating a contrast between the sharp, tailored style of the suites and the effortlessly comfortable experience of staying in them.

As the concept of luxury continues to evolve in the world of hospitality, this project at The Bellagio aims to push the boundaries of what luxury means in Las Vegas. By emphasising the beauty of nature and embracing an artful and subtle elegance, the Spa Tower Suites offer a truly exceptional experience for guests seeking a transformative stay in the heart of the city.