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Benoit Gelez

Principal and Managing Director, Pierre-Yves Rochon

Benoit Gelez leads the Paris studio of PYR, overseeing projects and teams across Europe and the Middle East. Encompassing the end-to-end process, Benoit aligns design, technical, and administrative elements with precision, reflecting his commitment to achieving excellence in a complex, international context.

Benoit’s impact at PYR is marked by a trail of international triumphs, steering projects that define luxury and sophistication. From the globally acclaimed Hotel Dorchester in London to the lavish Hotel Woodward in Genena, and the prestigious Hotel George’s V in Paris with its distinguished 3 Michelin star restaurant, Benoit’s influence extends to the Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences, in Cairo, Madinaty, and the culinary gem, Le Pre Catelan, in Paris.

With a career spanning over three decades in luxury architecture, interiors, and retail environments, Benoit’s leadership journey is marked by his previous role as an Executive Committee member at RDAI. His tenure at RDAI showcased his impact in expanding the Hermès global retail network, contributing to a practice with an annual revenue of 17 million euros. Benoit played a key role in defining strategies, budgets, and organizing services while structuring development. His responsibilities extended to overseeing architectural projects globally, with notable contributions to projects such as the Qatar Foundation 5-star hotel in Doha, China Continental Development Condominium and Hotel Tower in Taipei. The Hermès Cité des Métiers in Pantin, recognized with the Prix d’architecture de l’Equerre d’argent award, stands as a testament to his leadership.

In his earlier contributions to the Jean Paul Gaultier Group, Benoit steered the expansion of the retail network, opening 15 boutiques and 5 showrooms across France, Europe, USA, and Asia. He choreographed the realization of a visionary architectural concept by Philippe Starck and Jean Paul Gaultier, and pioneered thematic consistency through standardized architectural charters. He later achieved acclaim for the restoration of the fashion icon’s new head office, a heritage building, securing nomination to  Équerre d’Argent 2004 and the award AMO 2005. Benoit played a crucial role in implementing new services and leading commercial development initiatives.

Throughout his distinguished career, Benoit has demonstrated a steady and strategic leadership approach, leaving a lasting impact on renowned projects and contributing significantly to the growth and success of the organizations he has led.