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Daniel Daggers

Founder, DDRE.Global

Daniel Daggers has dedicated the past 26 years to becoming a trailblazer in the prime and super prime real estate markets worldwide.

Born and raised in London, Daniel’s career began with aspirations of being a professional footballer. Despite leaving school at 17 his desire to be independent led him to start his real estate career which began at Vickers and Co in 1997. In the decade he spent there, he cultivated a deep understanding of the importance of relationships.

In 2007, Daniel joined Knight Frank, where his talent and dedication propelled him from selling £4m homes in North London to Partner of the Private Office and US ambassador. It was on his ambassadorial trips that he first identified the opportunities collaboration and social media presented. He was the pioneer in the property sector to professionalise the use of social media to build a personal brand, and market his services and his clients’ property to people all over the world.

Forever a visionary, Daniel decided to forge his own path and founded DDRE Global in February 2020. Today Daniel is recognised as one of the world’s leading real estate advisors. His professionalism and insight have earned him the trust of royal families, dignitaries, and business leaders across the globe. His outstanding reputation is built on discretion, passion, and an ability to build strong, long-term relationships. Daniel’s renowned expertise, creativity, and ability to execute deals has culminated in the sale of some of the world’s most expensive homes, with over $5.5 Billion in sales alone, to date.

Whilst real estate is his passion, his love for football remains evident: He’s an Arsenal season ticket holder and still plays whenever time (and his hamstrings) allow! He also supports football-related charitable causes, amongst others.

DDRE Global quickly emerged as a powerhouse in the high-end real estate market, guided by Daniel’s unparalleled expertise and digital foresight. The firm’s ethos revolves around genuine personal connections and a commitment to providing the ultimate real estate experience for their clients.

Daniel’s visionary approach earned him the nickname “Mr. Super Prime”, reflecting his specialisation in properties exceeding £10 million. His ability to navigate high pressure situations and make the right decisions which are not obvious and anticipate market dynamics makes Daniel a thought leader in the sector.

Throughout his career, Daniel has orchestrated numerous key transactions over nine figures, though most of his success stories remain behind closed doors due to privacy and confidentiality.

As Daniel continues to lead DDRE Global to new heights, his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation remains at the forefront. With a focus on leveraging merging technologies and fostering deep connections, Daniel Daggers is shaping the future of luxury real estate.