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Diane Thorsen Portrait

Diane Thorsen

Design Principal & Global Hospitality Leader, Gensler

Diane Thorsen is Design Principal at Gensler, a world-leading architecture and design firm, boasting a network of over 7,000 professionals spanning numerous offices worldwide.

Within Gensler, she is one of three global hospitality leaders, underscoring her pivotal role in shaping the firm’s international presence. Having resided and practised in the Middle East for the past 16 years, Diane brings a wealth of firsthand experience and cultural insight to her work. Her unwavering passion for innovative solutions in interior architecture is evident in her approach, which centres on understanding clients’ visions and cultural contexts as the foundation of exceptional design. With a profound commitment to crafting meaningful experiences, Diane leverages her extensive expertise to transform spaces from the inside out. Her portfolio of award-winning projects reflects not only a superior sense of style but also a steadfast dedication to client satisfaction and collaborative excellence.