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Marie Soliman

Founder and Creative Director, Bergman Design House

Marie Soliman, Founder and Creative Director of Bergman Design House and Njord by Bergman is an award-winning designer with 16 years of design experience in the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors.

An avid visual artist, as well as a designer, Marie’s keen eye for the timeless and the well-crafted has guided her on journeys around the world to spearhead such globally recognised projects as The Other house Hotel, South Kensington, The Other House Covent Garden, BXR London, We11, NOR hotel Norway, and Eagle Lodge in Botswana, among others.

Dubbed a “chameleon of design” by British GQ magazine, Marie’s vision stems from her belief in the vital spark of adventurous souls who are willing to take risks and try and test new ideas in the service of creating fabulous and engaging experiences. Her goal is always to bring fresh ideas to the fore while revelling in — not fearing — the chaos of creation.

Her latest project, Laowai, a “hidden restaurant” concept in Vancouver, Canada’s Chinatown neighbourhood, is her first North American venture, with another scheduled for completion later this year in New York City.