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Melissa Messmer

Global Head of Design, IHG Luxury Brands, Intercontinental and Regent Hotels

As Global Head of Design for Luxury Brands for IHG, Melissa is overseeing the new and evolving design strategies for InterContinental and Regent Hotels as part of IHG’s focus on Luxury + Lifestyle brand development. Building on her career and education within the hospitality and arts/entertainment sectors, her focus is to bring a new lens to luxury travel brands through an experiential and scientific approach to design. In University, she achieved her first honours degree in Art History delving into cultural and artistic backgrounds across the globe and little did she know where these learnings would take her. Throughout her career in interior design and brand development, she has lived in five different countries working with some of the top luxury hotel operators such as Starwood, where she worked on the initial development of the W Hotels brand, Accor Luxe, Marriott Luxury Brands and IHG.