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Michael Goodman

Chief Visionary Officer, Dandy Collection Restaurant Group

As the Chief Visionary Officer of the Dandy Collection restaurant group in Singapore, Michael Goodman boasts a remarkable career trajectory that sets him apart from others in the industry. Having initially honed his skills as an Executive Chef with Amanresorts among others, Goodman’s journey took a captivating turn as he embarked on a second career in Interior Design and Brand Strategy. His unconventional path allowed him to cultivate a diverse skill set and a keen understanding of the intricate relationship between culinary expertise, aesthetics, and brand experience.

Through his diverse career trajectory, Michael has transcended traditional boundaries and his distinctive background has shaped his visionary leadership, making him a driving force behind the Dandy Collection’s success and setting him apart as an industry luminary. His ability to seamlessly merge culinary artistry with captivating guest experiences and environments has elevated the group to be considered amount Singapore’s elite. With an innate talent for conceptualizing and executing immersive dining experiences, Goodman’s visionary approach has positioned the Dandy Collection as a trailblazer within the industry. He is at once a champion of his employees, at the same time using technology and AI to streamline their work whenever possible.

As part of the company’s next phase, Michael now divides his time between Singapore and Dubai as he looks to expand the Dandy Collection overseas.