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Sanjog Modgil

Vice President Asset Management, TCC Land International (Thailand) Co., Ltd

With over two decades of experience in the Hospitality Industry, Sanjog Modgil is a transformational leader renowned for his expertise across multiple boutique and International hospitality brands. His specialization lies in Asset Management, Hotel Operations, Project Management, Franchise collaborations, and the development of high ROl ecosystems and centres of excellence.

Sanjog currently holds the position of Vice President of Asset Management at TCC Land International (Thailand)

TCC Land International serves as the hotel asset management division of the renowned TCC Group. Their dedicated team encompasses professionals who are collectively responsible for managing a portfolio of non-listed privately held hotel assets located outside of Thailand. The current hotel portfolio includes properties in the USA, Australia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

Sanjog firmly believes in operational excellence and the development of talent within the industry. He fosters a climate of engagement, encouraging individuals to think broadly and approach challenges with a global perspective. His leadership style is characterized by realistic optimism, constantly striving for positive outcomes while considering the broader implications of decisions.

By leveraging his extensive experience and global mindset, Sanjog contributes significantly to the success of TCC Land International and continues to make valuable contributions to the hospitality industry as a whole.